Who Participates?


TEDMEDLive community in Israel is vivid and multi-disciplinary, Over 750 movers and shakers of the fields of health and medicine will enjoy our annual extraordinary event  for 2014. many thousands of students and professionals will join us online and in special sites all across Israel.  750 attendees, represent every specialty within health and medicine, and the associated  scientific , technological and financial disciplines.  


Participants in the conference include: 

 CEOs of corporations specializing in medical devices, bio-informatics , Big Data, pharmaceuticals, mobile and web development for medical applications. Senior Israeli academicians in life sciences, brain research, innovation and digital design.

Executives, senior management and department chairs of all major Israeli HMO’s and hospitals.  

Ambassadors, trade attaches and representatives from all over the world in the field of innovation. Leading investment fund managers ,representatives from the Prime Minister’s office, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Health, ministry of industry and trade and more 

CEOs and Directors from all 17 global pharmaceutical companies who are represented in Israel.

Leading advertising agencies, journalists, public relations firms, bloggers, science, health and technology editors in Israel and abroad.


This breathtaking range of experiences and perspectives provides the richest possible landscape for creative collisions. Any chance meeting at TEDMEDLive can lead to exciting new ideas and insights. Each conversation with a new person could reveal new trends, treatments and technologies – or spark them.

We also invited VIP guests from around the globe who will be attending TEDMEDLive in Israel, as part of a health summit for leading global leaders and investors. They come to TEDMEDLive to meet people they would never otherwise meet, discover ideas they would never otherwise be exposed to and build new professional networks and relationships.

We hope you’ll join us as we unlock the power of imagination in service of a healthier, more vibrant planet.


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